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Welcome to Glasspire

We are a private investment firm investing in US based Glass, Glazing and Home Improvement companies. At Glasspire, we are committed to providing our portfolio companies with the resources and support needed to succeed in today's competitive market.

Investment Profile

Investment Objective

Our core objective is to create a dynamic group of Home Improvement companies in the United States, collectively generating an annual revenue of $100 million. Through strategic acquisitions and collaborative growth strategies, we aim to establish a formidable industry presence and deliver substantial value to all our stakeholders.

Investment Approach

At the heart of our approach is the commitment to invest in stable companies with capable management teams. We recognize and honor the legacy built by the previous owners and the success of the companies we acquire. Our strategy is to support and enhance the long-term sustainability, legacy, and enterprise value of these businesses. We actively collaborate with management to preserve the essence of what makes each company great while facilitating growth and innovation to reach new heights.

Investment Criteria

​Our investment criteria is designed to ensure we invest in companies that best suit the group's objective and include:​

  • Annual Revenue up to $50 million

  • Demonstrated stable profit history

  • Minimal or no term debt

  • Strong 2nd tier staff or management

  • Operating in these industries:

    • Glass & Glazing,

    • Windows & Doors,

    • Hurricane Protection,

    • Home Improvement.

About Glasspire

Investing in the Future of Glass and Glazing

With over 25 years of experience in the dynamic engineering arena, our journey has traversed the realms of product design, technology transfer and high-volume manufacturing.


Our expertise spans continents, where we have been involved in launching, acquiring, and managing small to medium-sized businesses.


At our core, we are driven by a dual commitment: to process and to people. We understand that sustainable business growth hinges on both operational excellence and a dedicated, motivated team. This philosophy underscores our approach to every venture we undertake.


Our passion lies in the art of building long-term, sustainable businesses that stand as testaments to our dedication and vision. We thrive on the challenge of shaping enterprises that not only succeed today but endure and flourish into the future.

...and we are not alone.

We are backed by the global investment firm, Opulentia Capital.

About Opulentia Capital

Founded in 2011, Opulentia Capital is a family investment firm with a track record of buying 100+ businesses, in 29 different industries and 11 different countries.

With a current global portfolio of 30+ companies, teams and investors around the world, their expertise lies in buying small & medium sized businesses with 3-75m/year in turnover, and building industry leaders to 100m+/year in turnover.

Our Investments

At Glasspire, we invest in a variety of companies across the United States. We seek out companies with strong growth potential and a proven track record of success. 

Gasparilla Glass

Transforming bathrooms into something unique with the

timeless elegance of a frameless shower door.

Gasparilla Glass specialize in the design and installation of custom frameless shower enclosures, mirror and glass.

Based in Port Charlotte, Florida, the business proudly serves the Southwest Florida area. 

Gasparilla Glass has over 20 years’ experience in the glass industry and have been in the same location for over 11 years.

“Investing in glass and glazing: Turning transparency into prosperity, one panel at a time.”

Glasspire Capital

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